Apostles Fast Hymns

Their voices went forth over the face of all the earth,
and their words have reached the ends of the world.

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Vespers & Matins

Vespers & Matins Text
Gospel Response Text Gospel Response


Liturgy Hazzat
Liturgy Text
Ontos Text Ontos Hazzat Ontos
Praxis Response Text Praxis Response Hazzat Praxis Response
Nirwmi Text Nirwmi
Kyrios Text Kyrios Hazzat Kyrios
Enthoten Ze Text Enthoten Ze
Gospel Response Text Gospel Response
Aspasmos Adam Text Aspasmos Adam Hazzat Aspasmos Adam
Aspasmos Watos Text Aspasmos Watos Hazzat Aspasmos Watos
Hymn for Communion (Asomen) Text Hymn for Communion (Asomen) Hazzat Hymn for Communion (Asomen)