Nairouz Hymns

Bless the crown of the year with Your goodness O Lord

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Praise the Lord with a new praise:  O all people who love Christ our God:  for He has visited us with His salvation:  as Good and Lover of Mankind.
Hwc `e`P[oic qen ouhwc `mberi@  `w nilaoc `mmai P=,=c pennou]@  je afjempensini qen pefoujai@  hwc `aga;oc ouoh `mmairwmi.
We send the hymn unto You:  with voices of glorification:  O our Good Savior:  confirm us unto the end.
Tenouwrp nak `mpihumnoc@  qen han`cmy `n]doxologia@  `w Pencwtyr `n`aga;oc@  matajron wa ]cuntelia.
Grant us, O Lord, Your peace:  Save us from the hands of our enemies:  Humiliate their counsel:  and heal our sicknesses.
Moi nan `P[oic `ntekhiryny@  nahmen qen nenjij `nte nenjaji@  ma;ebio `mpouco[ni@  ouoh matal[o `nnenswni.
Bless the crown of the year:  through Your goodness, O Lord:  the rivers and the springs:  and the seeds and the fruits.
`Cmou `epi`,lom `nte ]rompi@  hiten tekmet`,ryctoc `P[oic@  niiarwou nem nimoumi@  nem nici] nem nikarpoc.
Bless us in our works:  with Your heavenly blessing:  Send us from Your highest:  Your grace and Your goodness.
`Cmou `eron qen nen`hbyou`i@  qen pek`cmou `n`epouranion@  ouwrp nan `ebolqen pek[ici@  pek`hmot nem nek`aga;on.
The afflicted, save them:  The travelers, return them:  The bound, loosen them:  Those who slept, repose them.
Nyethejhwj nahmou `ebol@  ny`etause `e`psemmo matac;wou@  nem nyetcwnh bolou `ebol@  ny`etauenkot ma`mton nwou.
Take away Your anger from us:  Deliver us from famine:  and from the wiles of the demons:  O Giver of good things.
`Wli `mpekjwnt `ebol haron@  nahmen `ebolha ou`hbwn@  nem nivas `nte nidemwn@  `w `vref] `nni`aga;on.
We praise Him and glorify Him:  and exalt Him above all:  as Good and Lover of Mankind:  Have mercy on us according to Your great mercy.
Tenhwc `erof ten]`wou naf@  tenerhou`o [ici `mmof@  hwc `aga;oc ouoh `mmairwmi@  nai nan kata peknis] `nnai.