Bright Saturday Hymns

"Awake! Why do You sleep, O Lord? Arise! Do not cast us off forever.
Why do You hide Your face, And forget our affliction and our oppression?
For our soul is bowed down to the dust; Our body clings to the ground.
Arise for our help, And redeem us for Your mercies' sake." (Ps 44:23-26)

Seasons > Bright Saturday > Praises: Explanation (Lobsh) of the 2nd Canticle

Explanation (Lobsh) of the 2nd Canticle

Let us give thanks:  to Christ our God:  with David the prophet:  and psalmist.
Marenouwnh `ebol `mPi`,rictoc Pennou]@  nem piiero'altyc Dauid Pi`provytyc.
فلنشكر: المسيح الهنا: مع المرتل: داود النبي.
For He has made the heavens:  and all its hosts:  and established the earth:  on the waters.
Je af;ami`o `nnivyou`i@  nem noudunamic@  afhicen] `mpikahi@  `e`hryi hijen nimwou.
لأنه خلق السموات: وجنودها: وأسس الأرض: على المياه.
These two great stars:  the sun and the moon:  He has made to enlighten:  the firmament.
Nai nis] `mvwctyr@  piry nem piioh@  af,af eu`erouwini@  qen pi`ctere`wma.
هذان الكوكبان العظيمان: الشمس والقمر: جعلهما ينيران: في الفلك.
He brought forth the winds:  out of His treasure box:  He breathed unto the trees:  and they blossomed.
Af`ini `nhan;you@  `ebol qen nef`ahwr@  afnifi `nca ni`ssyn@  sa`ntouviri `ebol.
أخرج الرياح: من خباياها: نفخ في الأشجار: حتى أزهرت.
He caused the rain to fall:  upon the face of the earth:  and it sprouted:  and gave its fruit.
Afhwou `noumonhwou@  hijen `pho `m`pkahi@  sa`ntefrwt `e`pswi `ntef] `mpefoutah.
أمطر مطر: على وجه الأرض: حتى أنبتت: وأعطت ثمرها.
He brought forth water:  out of a rock:  and gave it to His people:  in the wilderness.
Af`ini `noumwou@  `ebolqen oupetra@  af`tco `mpeflaoc@  `n`hryi hi `psafe.
أخرج ماء: من صخرة صماء: وسقى شعبه: في البرية.
He made man:  in His image:  and His likeness:  that he may praise Him.
Af;ami`o `mpirwmi@  kata pef`ini@  nem tefhikwn@  e;ref`cmou `erof.
صنع الانسان: كشبهه: وصورته: لكي يباركه.
Let us praise Him:  and exalt His name:  and give thanks to Him:  for His mercy endurs forever.
Marenhwc `erof@  ten[ici `mpefran@  tenouwnh naf `ebol@  je pefnai sop sa `eneh.
فلنسبحه: ونرفع اسمه: ونشكره: لأن رحمته كائنة الى الأبد.
Through the prayers:  of David the Psalmist:  O Lord grant us:  the forgiveness of our sins.
Hiten nieu,y@  `nte piiero'altyc Dauid@  P=o=c `ari`hmot nan@  `mpi,w `ebol `nte nennobi.
بصلوات: المرتل داود: يا رب أنعم: لنا بمغفرة خطايانا.
Through the intercessions:  of the Mother of God Saint Mary:  O Lord grant us:  the forgiveness of our sins.
Hiten ni`precbi`a `nte ];e`otokoc =e=;=u Maria@  P=o=c `ari`hmot nan@  `mpi,w `ebol `nte nennobi.
بشفاعات: والدة الاله القديسة مريم: يا رب أنعم: لنا بمغفرة خطايانا.
Through the intercessions:  of all the heavenly hosts:  O Lord grant us the forgiveness of our sins.
Hiten ni`precbi`a@  `nte `p,oroc tyrf `nte niaggeloc@  P=o=c `ari`hmot nan@  `mpi,w `ebol `nte nennobi.
بشفاعات: كل صفوف الملائكة: يا رب أنعم: لنا بمغفرة خطايانا.
Blessed are You indeed, with Your good Father, and the Holy Spirit, for You have come and saved us.  for You were crucified and saved us.
`K`cmarwout `aly;wc@  nem Pekiwt `n`aga;oc@  nem Pi`pneuma e;ouab@  je `auask akcw] `mmon.
مباركّ أنت بالحقيقة مع أبيك الصالح والروح القدس لأنك أتيت وخلصتنا.  لأنك صلبت وخلصتنا.