Bright Saturday Hymns

"Awake! Why do You sleep, O Lord? Arise! Do not cast us off forever.
Why do You hide Your face, And forget our affliction and our oppression?
For our soul is bowed down to the dust; Our body clings to the ground.
Arise for our help, And redeem us for Your mercies' sake." (Ps 44:23-26)

Seasons > Bright Saturday > Liturgy: My God My God (Panouti Panouti)

My God My God (Panouti Panouti)

My God, my God, attend to me.  Why have You forsaken me?
Panou] panou] ma`h;yk `eroi@ e;be ouak,at `ncwk.
All the words of my transgressions are far from my salvation.
Ceou`you cabol `mpaoujai `nje nicaji tyrou `nte naparaptwma.
O my God, I will cry to You by day but will You not hear?  And by night, and it shall not be accounted for folly to me.
Panou] ]naws `e`pswi oubyk `mpi`ehoou@ my `,nacwtem `eroi an@ ouoh qen pi`ejwrh `mpefswpi nyi eumetathyt.
I however, I am a worm, and not a man; A reproach of men, and despised by the people.
Anok de `anok oufent@ ouoh `anok ourwmi an@ ou`svit `nte hanrwmi ouoh ouswsf `nte hanlaoc.
Everyone who sees me laughs at me: they spoke by their lips:
Ouon niben e;nau `eroi auelksai `ncwi@ aucaji qen nou`cvotou aukim `nnou`ave@
they shake their heads, they said:  "He believed, He hoped in the Lord:  let Him rescue Him:  let Him deliver Him if He wants."
aujoc je icje afnah] aferhelpic `eP=o=c marefnahmef@ mareftoujof icje afouasf.
Be not far from Me, for trouble is near;  For there is none to help.  Many bulls have surrounded Me; Strong bulls have encircled Me.  They gape at Me with their mouths, Like a raging and roaring lion.
Mperouei cabol `mmoi@ je `fqent `nje ouhojhej@ ouoh `fsop an `nje vyeterbo`y;in@ aukw] `eroi `nje ou;o `mmaci@ hantauroc eukeni`wout petau`amoni `mmoi@ auouwn `nrwou `eroi `m`vry] `noumou`i vyethwlem ouoh ethemhem.
All manner of dogs surrounded me:  the assembly of the wicked has seized me:  they pierced my hands and feed, they counted all my bones:
Aukw] `eroi `nje ou;o `nououhor@ oucunagwgy `njajbwn petac `amoni `mmoi@ au[wlk `ntot nem rat@ auwp `nnakac tyrou@
and they stared at me and looked at me:  they divided up my vestments among them and for my clothing they cast lots:  but You, O Lord do not let my help be far from me:  pay heed to your reception of me.
`n;wou de aumelqi`atou `mmoi ouoh aunau `eroi@ auvws `nna`hbwc `e`hrau ouoh tahebcw auhiwp `eroc@ `n;ok de P=o=c `mpen`;re tabo`y;i`a ouei cabol `mmoi@ ma`h;yk `etajinsopt `erok.
Save My soul from the sword, My sonship alone from the mouth of a lion.  Save Me from the lion's mouth And my humility from the horn of the unicorn!
Nohem `nta'u,y `ebol `ntot `n`tcyfi nem tametsyri `mmauatc `ebol qen rwf `noumou`i@  ouoh pa;ebi`o `ebol hapitap `nte napitap `nouwt.
He set me upon a rock:  and now behold He raised up my head above my enemies:  those who gave me evil in return for good (deeds):  they accused me because I was seeking after the truth.
Au[act hijen oupetra@ ouoh ]nou hyppe af[ici `nta`ave `ejen najaji@  ny`etau] nyi `nhanpethwou `n`tsebi`w `nhanpe;naneu@ au] `s;ouit qaroi je nai[oji `nca]me;myi.
They rejected me, I the beloved, as a despised dead man, and they nailed my flesh:  do not abandon me Lord my God:  do not go far from me:  attend to my help, Lord of my salvation.
Auberbwrt `ebol `anok pimenrit `m`vry] `nourefmwout ef`oreb@ ouoh au] ibt `ntacarx@ `mper,at `ncwk P=o=c Panou]@ `mperouei cabol `mmoi@ ma`h;yk `etabo`y;i`a P=o=c `nte tacwtyri`a.
I waited for someone to grieve with me but there was none:  and for him who comforts me and I didn't find him:  they gave gall for my food and they gave me vinegar for my thirst.  Let their table become a snare before them and a recompense and a scandal:  their eyes, let them be darkened so that they do not see any more he who smote him.  It is them who persecuted him:
Ai`ohi `mvye;near `mkah `nhyt nemyi ouoh nafsop an pe@ ouoh vye;na]nom] nyi ouoh `mpijemf@ ouoh au] `nousasi `eta`qre@ ouoh au`tcwi `nouhemj qen pa`ibi@ mare tou`trapeza swpi nwou `nouvas `mpou`m;o `ebol nem ou]sebi`w nem ou`ckandalon@ noubal marouer`,remtc `e`stem nau `mbol je vyetaksari `erof `n;wou petau[oji `ncwf.
but You Lord my God, I shall put my spirit in your hands:  they added them to the pain of my wounds:  and they added iniquity to their iniquity:  do not let them come into Your righteousness:  they shall be wiped out of the book of the living:  and do not let them be written with the righteous.
`N;ok de P[oic Panou] ei`e,w `mpa`pneuma qen nekjij@  auou`ahou `e`hryi `ejen ni`mkauh `nte naerqwt@ ouoh auouah `anomi`a `ejen tou`anomi`a@ `mpen`;rou`i `eqoun qen tekme;myi@ eu`efw] `ebolha `pjwm `nte nyetonq@  ouoh `mpen`;rou `cqytou nem ni`;myi.
I am poor and he is sorrowful.  And the salvation of your face God has received me.
}sop `anok ouhyki ouoh efmokh@ ouoh `poujai `nte pekho V] petafsopt `erof.
They placed me in a low den:  in dark places and the shadow of death.
Au,at qen oulakkoc efcapecyt@ qen hanma `n,aki nem `tqyibi `m`vmou.
But I rested and I slept and I rose for the Lord will help me.
Anok de aienkot ouoh aihwrp ouoh aitwnt je P[oic pe;nasopt `erof.
Will not he who sleeps rise?  You Lord have mercy upon me:  raise me up:  and I shall give them their recompense:  in this I knew that You desired me.
My vyetenkot an `fnatwnf an@  je `n;ok de P[oic nai nyi ouoh matounoct@  ouoh ei`e] nwou `n`tousebi`w@  `n`qryi qen vai ai`emi je akouast.
What is the benefit of my blood when I go to the destruction?
Oupe `phyou `mpa`cnof `e`pjin`;risenyi `e`qryi `e`ptako.
But You my God, He brought me up from the den of sorrow and the mud of hardship.
N;ok de Panou] afent `e`hryi qen `vlakkoc `nte ``ptalepwri`a nem `ebolqen `p`omi `nte ]huly.
The Lord heard and had mercy upon me:  You have turned my mourning into joy for me.
`A P=o=c cwtem ouoh afnai nyi@ akvwnh ``mpanehpi eurasi nyi.
Thus our mouths were filled with joy:  and our tongues with rejoicing:  then they shall say in the nations:  "the Lord dealt increasingly with them."  The Lord dealt increasingly with us; we became happy.
Tote rwn afmoh `nrasi@ ouoh penlac qen ou;elyl@  tote eu`ejoc qen nie;noc@ je `a P[oic tase `iri nemwou@  `a P[oic tase `iri neman@ answpi enounof `mmon.
For the glory of the Lord forever, Amen.
Eou`wou `mP[oic sa `eneh Amyn.