Feast of the Cross Liturgy Hymns

But God forbid that I should boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ,
by whom the world has been crucified to me,
and I to the world.


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The Hymn of the Censer (Tee Shouri)

The golden censer is the Virgin:  Her aroma is our Savior:  She gave birth to Him. He saved us:  and forgave us our sins.
}soury `nnoub te ]par;enoc@  pec`arwmata pe pencwtyr@  acmici `mmof afcw] `mmon@  ouoh af,a nennobi nan `ebol.

Hymn of the Cross

This is He who presented Himself upon the Cross, an acceptable sacrifice for the salvation of our race.
Vai `etafenf `e `pswi@  `nou;uci`a ecsyp@  hijen pi`ctauroc@  qa `poujai `mpengenoc.
His Good Father inhaled His sweet aroma on Golgotha at the time of the evening.
Afswlem `erof `nje pefIwt `n`aga;oc@  `m`vnau `nte han`arouhi hijen ]golgo;a.


said after the verses for the martyrs:
Through the prayers:  of my master, King Constantine:  and Helen his mother, the Queen:  O Lord, grant us the forgiveness of our sins.
Hiten nieu,y@  `nte pa[oic `pouro Kwnctantinoc@  nem Ylany tefmau ]ourw@  `P[oic ari`hmot nan `mpi,w `ebol `nte nennobi.

Praxis Response

Hail to the Cross:  on which our Lord was crucified:  in order to save us:  from our sins.
<ere pi`ctauroc@  vy`etaues Pen[oici `erof@  sa`ntefcw] `mmon@  `ebolqen nennobi.
Blessed are You indeed:  with Your Good Father:  and the Holy Spirit:  for You were crucified and saved us.
`K`cmarwout `aly;wc@  nem Pekiwt `n`aga;oc@  nem Pi`pneuma e;ouab@  je `auask akcw] `mmon.

Gospel Response

Greatly honored:  is the sign of the Cross:  of Jesus Christ:  the King, our True God.
`Ftaiyout gar `emasw@  `nje pimyini `nte pi`ctauroc@  `nte Iy=c P=,=c@  `Pouro Pennou] `n`aly;inoc.
For blessed is the Father and the Son:  and the Holy Spirit:  the perfect Trinity:  we worship Him and glorify Him.
Je `f`cmarwout `nje `Viwt nem `Psyri@  nem `Pi`pneuma E;ouab@  }`triac etjyk `ebol@  tenouwst `mmoc ten]`wou nac.

Psalm 150 Response

Jesus Christ, the Son of God:  was crucified on the cross.
I=y=c P=,=c `Psyri `m`Vnou]@  vy`etauasf `epi`ctauroc.

End of Service Hymn

Amen, alleluia.  Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, now, and forever, and to the age of ages.  Amen.
Amyn allylouia@  doza Patri ke Uiw ke `agiw Pneumati@  ke nun ke `a`i ke ic touc `e`wnac twn `ewnwn@  amyn.
We proclaim and say, "O our Lord, Jesus Christ,  Who was crucified on the cross:  trample Satan under our feet."
Tenws `ebol enjw `mmoc@  je `w Pen[oic Iycouc Pi`,rictoc@  Vy`etauasf `epi`ctauroc@  ek`eqomqem `m`pcatanac capecyt `nnen[alauj.
Save us and have mercy on us.
Cw] `mmon ouoh nai nan.
Lord have mercy.  Lord have mercy.  Lord bless.    Amen.  Bless me.  Bless me.  Lo, the repentance.  Forgive me.  Say the blessing.
Kuri`e `ele`ycon. Kuri`e `ele`ycon. Kuri`e `eulogycon `amyn@  `cmou `eroi@  `cmou `eroi@  ic ]metanoia@  ,w nyi `ebol jw `mpi`cmou.