Ascension Hymns

He shook heaven and went up with clouds under His feet
He rode on the Cherubim and flew, He flew on the wings of the wind.

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Procession: Ekhristos Anesti

Christ is risen from the dead:  By death he trampled over death:  and to those who were in the graves:  He granted life.
<rictoc `anecty eknekrwn@  ;anatw ;anaton patycac@  ke tic en tic `mnymaci@  zwyn ,aricamenoc.
المسيح قام من بين الأموات، بالموت داس الموت، والذين فى القبور أنعم عليهم بالحياة الأبدية.
Glory be to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit:  now and forever and unto the ages of ages:  Amen.
Doxa patri ke `Uiw ke agiw `Pneumati@  ke nun ke `a`i ke ic touc `e`wnac twn `e`wnwn@  `amyn.
المجد للآب والابن والروح القدس، الآن وكل أوان وإلى دهر الدهور. آمين.