Pentecost Hymns

Your Holy Spirit O Lord, do not take away from us O Good One,
but renew Him within us

Types > Processional Hymns > Vespers & Matins: Pekhristos Aftonf

Pekhristos Aftonf

Christ has risen from the dead:  and ascended to the heavens:  and sat at the right hand of His Father in the highest:  and sent to us the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth:  and granted our souls the eternal life.
P=,=c aftwnf `ebolqen nye;mwout@  ouoh afsenaf `e`pswi `enivyoui@  afhemci caouinam `mPefiwt qen nyet[oci@  afouwrp nan `mpiparaklyton Pi`pneuma `nte ]me;myi@  afer`hmot `nnen'uky `mpiwnq `n`eneh.
Glory be to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit:  now and forever and unto the ages of ages:  Amen.
Doxa patri ke `Uiw ke agiw `Pneumati@  ke nun ke `a`i ke ic touc `e`wnac twn `e`wnwn@  `amyn.