Resurrection Hymns

Christ is risen from the dead: by death He trampled over death:
and to those who were in the graves: He granted life.

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All the Choirs (Kata ni Khoros)

All the choirs that I hear, O what are these symphonies that are coming to my ears.
Kata ni,oroc e]cwtem `erwou@  `wnim nai cumvwnia e;nyou enamasj.
كل الصفوف التي اسمعها ياللاتفاقات الآتية إلي أذني.
Christ rose from the dead, early on Sunday, of the Sabbaths.
Pi`,rictoc aftwnf `ebol qen nye;mwout@  `nswrp `m`vouai `nte nicabbaton.
المسيح قام من بين الأموات باكر أحد السبوت.
Soldiers, do not lie about the resurrection of our Savior on the day of the Lord!
Nimatoi `mper je me;nouj@  qa `t`anactacic `mPencwtyr@  qen pi`ehoou `nte ]kuri`aky.
أيها الجند لا تكذبوا نحو قيامة مخلصنا في يوم الأحد.