Resurrection Hymns

Christ is risen from the dead: by death He trampled over death:
and to those who were in the graves: He granted life.

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All You Heavenly Orders

All you heavenly orders: sing to our God with the melody of praise.
يا كل الصفوف السمائيين: رتلوا لإلهنا بنغمات التسبيح.
Rejoice with us today with gladness: in the Resurrection of the Lord Christ.
وابتهجوا معنا اليوم فرحين: بقيامة السيد المسيح.
Today the prophecies are fulfilled: and the sayings of the forefathers are realized.
اليوم قد كملت النبوات: وقد تمت أقوال الآباء الأولين.
By the Resurrection of the Lord from among the dead; He is the firstfruit of those who have fallen asleep.
بقيامة الرب من بين الأموات: وهو بدء المضجعين.
The Lord arose as one who sleeps: and as one who is sated with wine.
قد قام الرب مثل النائم: وكالثمل من الخمر.
He has granted us the everlasting joy: and freed us from bitter bondage.
ووهبنا النعيم الدائم: وعتقنا من العبودية المرة.
He led Hades captive: and crushed the brass doors.
وسبى الجحيم سبياً: وحطم أبوابه النحاس.
He utterly broke the bars of iron:  and, for us, exchanged salvation for punishment.
وكسر متاريسه الحديد كسراً: وابدل لنا العقوبة بالخلاص.