Apostles Fast Hymns

Their voices went forth over the face of all the earth,
and their words have reached the ends of the world.

Types > Unspecified > Liturgy: Nirwmi


O you men who are in boats, sailing in the lake, come follow Me to make you fishermen of humans
Nirwmi ettalyout `eni `ejyou ny`eterhwt hi ;alacca `amwini ouah;ynou `ncwi `nater ;ynou `pouo`hi `nreftah `erwmi.
For what you bind on the earth becomes bound in heaven, and what you loosen on the earth becomes loose in heaven.
Je nyetetennaconhou hijen pikahi eu`eswpi euconh qen nivyou`i ouoh ny`etetennabolou `ebol hijen pikahi eu`eswpi eubyl qen nivyou`i.