Passion (Pascha) Week - Good Friday Hymns

This is He who presented Himself upon the Cross, an acceptable sacrifice for the salvation of our race.
His Good Father inhaled His sweet aroma on Golgotha at the time of the evening.

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Golgotha in Hebrew:  Kranion in Greek:  the place where You, O Lord, were crucified:  You stretched out Your hands:  and they crucified two thieves with You:  One at Your right and the other at Your left:  You were in the midst:  O Good Savior.
Golgo;a `mmethebreoc@  pi`kranion `mmetoueinin@  pima etauask `P[oic `nqytf@  akvwrs `nnekjij `ebol@  au`isi nemak `nkeconi `cnau@  catekouinam nem catekja[y@  `n;ok ek,y qen toumy] `w picwtyr `n`aga;oc.
Glory be to the Father and the Soon and the Holy Spirit.
Doxa Patri ke `Uiw ke `agiw `Pneumati@
The right-hand thief:  cried out saying:  "Remember me O my Lord:  Remember me O my Savior:  Remember me O my King:  when You come into Your kingdom":  The Lord answered him:  in a gentle voice:  "Today, you will be with Me:  in My Kingdom."
Afws `ebol `nje piconi@  etcaouinam efjw `mmoc@  je `aripameu`i `w Pa[oic@  `aripameu`i `w Pacwtyr@  `aripameu`i  `w Paouro@  aksan`i qen tekmetouro@  af`erouw naf `nje `P[oic@  qen ou`cmy `mmetremraus@  je `mvoou ek`eswpi nemyi@  `n`hryi qen tametouro.
Now and forever and unto:  the ages of ages.  Amen.
Ke nun ke `ai ke ic touc@  `e`wnac twn `e`wnwn@  `amyn@
The righteous ones:  Joseph and Nicodemus:  came and took the body of Christ:  and gave ointment to Him:  They placed and buried Him in a tomb:  praising Him saying:  "Holy God:  Holy Mighty:  Holy Immortal:  Who was crucified for us, have mercy on us."
Au`i `nje nidikeoc@  Iwcyv nem Nikodymoc@  au[i `n`tcarx `nte Pi`,rictoc@  au] `noucojen `e`hryi `ejwf@  aukocf au,af qen ou`mhau@  euhwc erof eujw `mmoc@  je `agioc `o :eoc@  `agioc Ic,uroc@  `agioc A;anatoc@  `o `ctaurw;ic di`ymac `ele`ycon `ymac.
Glory by to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit:  now and forever and unto:  the ages of ages.  Amen.
Doxa patri ke `Uiw ke agiw `Pneumati@  ke nun ke `ai ke ic touc@  `ewnac twn `e`wnwn@  `amyn@
We too, let us worship Him:  crying out saying:  "Have mercy on us O God our Savior:  Who was crucified on the cross:  trample Satan:  under our feet."
Anon hwn marenouwst `mmof@  enws `ebol enjw `mmoc@  je nai nan `Vnou] Pencwtyr@  vy`etauasf `epi`ctauroc@  ek`eqomqem `m`pcatanac@  capecyt `nnen[alauj.
Save us and have mercy on us:  Lord have mercy:  Lord have mercy:  Lord bless:  Amen:  Bless me:  Bless me:  Behold, the metanoia:  Forgive me:  Say the blessing.
Cw] `mmon ouoh nai nan@  Kuri`e `ele`ycon@  Kuri`e `ele`ycon@  Kuri`e eulogycon@  `amyn@  `cmou `eroi@  `cmou `eroi@  ic ]metanoia@  ,w nyi `ebol jw `mpi`cmou.